‘The Protector’ Star Cagatay Ulusoy on Netflix’s Disruption in Turkey– Variety

Turkish star Cagatay Ulusoy plays the titular character in Netflix’s first Turkish original,” The Protector,” presently in production on its third season. His function as young antiquarians Hakan Demir, who discovers he hails from an ancient line of superheroes and should secure present-day Istanbul from wicked forces, marks the first venture into fantasy tropes for a Turkish program.

Ulusoy talked to Variety about how Netflix is disrupting production models and storylines in Turkey’s TELEVISION market, which, despite the effect of the nation’s financial turbulence, stays amongst the world’s top 5 exporters of serial dramas.

Why is “

The Protector “such a novelty? This series introduces a brand-new genre [of Turkish dramas] to international audiences. It’s an unique mix of dream and superhero plot-lines mixed with the aspects of social drama and romance that are common of Turkish TELEVISION programs. Instead of a mainstream superhero narrative, it’s more an impressive story with a contemporary hero at its center, but the plot is hectic and loaded with unanticipated twists. There is also a component of comedy every now and then to balance the tone.

In regards to format, the episodes are much shorter (33-45 minutes) than typical Turkish dramas– much shorter, for instance, than in “Medcezir,” the Turkish adjustment of “The O.C.,” in which you starred formerly. Has shooting much shorter episodes made a distinction for you in regards to your acting design, of the method you enter character?

It’s really way much better for me. It suggests I can actually focus and offer my character my complete energy. It makes me more innovative.

Netflix has greenlit four seasons, so it appears like ‘The Protector’ is going to be keeping you hectic for a while. I have actually heard production schedules for TV series in Turkey can be quite difficult. How tough is yours?

We are working under more humane conditions than those in most other Turkish TV series. Netflix utilizes a various production system. We work just 10 hours a day, five days a week. I feel more efficient, therefore do the other skills and the team. Typically, each episode in a Turkish TV series is, like, 120-150 minutes long. That indicates you need to work much harder to wrap up an episode in a week. With this program, a lot is changing in terms of the approach to storytelling, places, characters and also working conditions. It resembles the rules of the video game are being rewritten.

Speaking of composing, can you speak to me about the rest of the show’s innovative team?

I work with three different directors for each season, which has never ever been performed in Turkey before. It looks like a complicated system, however it’s really not. Each director brings their point of view for the episodes they manage, and having various visions makes the show fresher and more different. In terms of writers, one of them is Jason George [who also serves as executive manufacturer], who did “Narcos.” He has actually been the “third eye,” as it were, of the show. His worldwide experience and different vision has actually been exceptionally handy.