Netflix Validates Sex Education Will Return For Season 3

Caution: Consists Of Spoilers

Netflix Confirms Sex Education Will Return For Season 3 Netflix Sex Education fans unify: the third season of the program is formally coming to Netflix, the streaming service validated today. Netflix made the statement on their UK & & Ireland Twitter account this afternoon, February 10, urging their followers to ‘speak about sex infant, let’s talk about season 3’. Which is quite memorable, I think you’ll all agree.

The streaming service posted a brief video of Alistair Petrie, aka Mr Groff, walking through the Moordale High art exhibit– before he graces us with the news we’ve all been waiting on.

You can see the video below:

As the star strolls through the halls of the school, its walls adorned with portraits of each of the cast members holding anything from a pup to a skull, he talks us through his surroundings one picture at a time.

The video then shows Petrie stopping at the end of the passage at an image of Adam and Eric, who at the end of season two had actually simply professed their love to each other, prior to specifying: ‘the pièce de résistance, Eric and Adam. I question what is in store for these two cherubs.’

He continues:

Well, I expect you’ll need to discover in season three, won’t you?

An announcement then turns up, the words ‘Sex Education Season Three Is Coming’ emblazoned across the screen. Eeeeek!

eric and adam kiss sex education Netflix The news comes less than a month after the release of season 2, all eight episodes of which are currently available to watch on Netflix.

Season 2 saw Otis lose his virginity– although not in the method we may have expected him to– Eric get a strange French partner just to dump him when Adam revealed he had feelings for him, and Maeve effort to form a relationship with her mum and little sister.

It also saw among the most important TV minutes ever, in the type of the bus scene where Aimee’s brand-new group of pals come together to assist her overcome her worry of getting on the bus, after she was sexually attacked on it when a guy masturbated on her weeks earlier.

Sex Education Bus Scene

Netflix The season checks out Aimee’s trauma following the occurrence; although she at first appears to act blasé about the whole thing, only worrying whether she’ll be able to get the stain out of her preferred denims, the audience rapidly realises she isn’t coping.

Aimee begins to end up being progressively uneasy around her boyfriend, ultimately breaking things off with him, and walks to school every day in order to avoid the bus.

It’s not yet understood what season three has in store for us, although evaluating by Mr Groff’s words there will definitely be a focus on Adam and Eric’s progressing romance.

Let’s hope it has a happier ending than Otis and Maeve’s, hello.

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