Netflix star Ncuti Gatwa: People attempted to eliminate me for saying I’m Scottish – The Scotsman

Sex Education star Ncuti Gatwa has told how he lived “homeless” prior to landing a role in the hit Netflix show.

The Scottish actor, who matured on a working class estate in Edinburgh, stars as Eric Effiong in the series about socially uncomfortable high school trainee Otis (Asa Butterfield) and his sex therapist mother Jean (Gillian Anderson).

He said that when he moved from Scotland to London aged 21, he was unable to manage the financial problem and ended up without a home.Speaking to The

Huge Problem magazine, he stated: “I am from Scotland and moved down to London when I was 21. I was working constantly -and at some great locations – I spent a year at the Globe Theatre, I did

a lot of work at Kneehigh, who are a physical theatre company.

“However you need to feed yourself, you need to get to work, with rent, bills, travel, day of rests from temping to go to an audition. I couldn’t seem to handle everything financially.

“I was supposed to move into a brand-new place and it fell through. So for five months before Sex Education, I was couch-surfing amongst all my friends. I didn’t have a house. I was homeless.

“The only thing stopping me from being on the streets was the truth I had good friends. You can utilize up that goodwill. Or you feel terrified to ask individuals for help. Your pride starts.

“So my life before Sex Education was so different. To go to my audition, I had to get my pal to move me 10 quid so I could top up my Oyster card.”

Speaking with the Independent Gatwa likewise stated “People have tried to battle me,” as they questioned how a black man might possibly be from Scotland.He said he felt like telling those who denied his Scottishness to:”‘Stop taking my Scottishness away. You do not define me.'”

Talking about maturing in Edinburgh, he said: “Strength has actually constantly been something I have actually seen and admired.

“I grew up with a single mum, an immigrant mum who couldn’t speak the language, no cash, three kids on her back, coming from Rwanda, and she’s done a sterling job with all 3 people.

“I saw her battle, I saw her battle all the time.

“Every day was another battle, and she always combated tooth and nail for all three of us.

“She just seemed to make it through whatever difficulty came her way.

“I believe that’s made me quite a resistant person.Season two of Sex Education releases on Netflix on January 17.

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