Netflix Review: IO

Easy Review: You’ll long for the armageddon

Who understood the end of the world would be such a cornucopia of concepts for movies from our cherished Hollywood? We have witnessed armageddons at the hands of zombies, Apes with guns, Cyborgs with larger guns and Austrian accents and Australians in S&M outfits (frankly, that last one is the scariest!). That is just the idea of the Titanic sinking iceberg (prematurely?) and with the present state of the world, it is not surprising this category is in demand with audiences. Thanks to the present that keeps on giving, Netflix, I have seen our precious celestial home on the edge of termination more times than I can count, as I only have 10 fingers and math was never ever my topic in school. Today I gambled on another “end of the world” motion picture, IO, to see if the human race endures yet another hazard to our existence. So, did IO gather enough provides to keep us alive or did those leather-clad Australians run it over in their post-apocalyptic jalopies? The only method to discover is to place on your oxygen mask and follow me into the devastating ruins of this evaluation!

In my never-ending quest to bring you, my faithful reader, a sliver of honesty in this world of fake news, phony I.Ds and phony butts, I need to let you understand early on that this motion picture nearly killed my love for film. I can deal with a bad motion picture. I can even manage a flat out horrible motion picture since regardless of being dreadful there may be some joy discovered in the schlock. IO just exists to suck the delight out of your life and make you wonder if completion of the world might not be such a bad thing. To give a quick plot synopsis before we dive right into the negatives the film delivers, as there are zero positives, IO has to do with Sam, a scientist that remained on Earth after many of the population ran away into space to escape disease-causing pollution that is covering the Earth. Sam fulfills another survivor attempting to get to the last shuttle bus removing for IO, a moon of Jupiter, prior to they are caught permanently. Sound exciting? It is not!

This might be my most tough review as I have no idea where to begin with this ghastly waste of 96 minutes of my life. Director Jonathan Helpert and the three writers (and I utilize that word loosely) have actually provided us a movie without anything creative or remotely remarkable. There are no fascinating video camera shots, no attempt at artistry with the cinematography and absolutely nothing distinct to justify this movie’s presence. If we gave an eight-year-old kid a camera for an hour she or he would inadvertently have at least one interesting shot to take pleasure in, but not the geniuses behind IO. After the motion picture mercifully ended, I wondered aloud how this movie even got made. I indicate, who read this script and decided to pay people to really make the damned thing? Whoever they are please provide my number I have a few terrible scripts I have actually written I would happily offer them!

The acting in this motion picture is simply flat out bad. Not the excellent type of overacting kind of bad, just dull, lifeless line reading. I did not recognize the main actress in the film Margaret Qually, as Sam, from any other movie and she is simply as unmemorable in this one. This is a character that has been living alone for years yet she has no impacts from this solitude. No fascinating peculiarities or being on the edge of madness from the seclusion, she is just going about her company like nothing threating is simply around the corner. Think me, the lack of human interaction is going to trigger a person to do insane things, like begin a movie evaluation blog. I do not understand who to blame the authors or the starlet but they took absolutely no chances with this character that desperately needed to have any type of struggle so we can appreciate the last settle for her. Rather, she is so bland I type of believe everybody in the motion picture left Earth just to get away from her boringness. Anthony Mackie is simply as dull and seems to be half asleep through the majority of his screen time, which is disappointing as he is normally a charismatic star that makes any film he remains in much better. I think a simple payday is hard to state no to. The worst part is they are the only 2 actors in the movie, save for one scene with Danny Huston, who was clever enough to leave this motion picture quick. For this to work the two leads needed to have incredible chemistry to make any connection they need to be credible, but these 2 have less chemistry than a set of rocks.

I do not enter into a movie attempting to make it what it is not if that makes good sense, but this film was dealt with so poorly that during the runtime I tried to repair it. Of all, this film needs to have been a much quieter movie at the beginning. As we follow Sam around she is keeping an audio log informing us what she is doing, when it would have been a better watching experience to merely follow her without the narration and attempt to figure out what her character depends on. Tell her story aesthetically so we can engage our minds to see if what we believe is occurring is appropriate, thus keeping us thinking about the story. Spelling it out is lazy and insulting to your audience. Offer both her and Anthony Mackie’s characters peculiarities and traits from living alone for so long that way the audience can connect to them as human beings handling awful situations. Offer us some sense of a hazard! The world is ending, but we never ever see why the population ran away, nor the results of the harmful environment, conserve for one scene involving a storm that is so effective that it can be held back by plastic and duct tape. Develop the relationship in between the 2 characters in a realistic way. Sam has been alone for a long period of time but when Anthony Mackie simply reveals up out of the blue, she entirely trusts him inviting him into her home and informing him everything about herself. He needs to need to make her trust as I would presume some individuals in a post-apocalyptic world might not have everyone’s benefits in mind. If they find out to rely on in a believable method then their relationship makes good sense, instead, we get them thrown together simply because. UGH, how difficult is it to make a great movie, geez!!

We have reached completion of this wasteland of a movie evaluation and Furiosa isn’t driving her war rig to save us from mean old IO. In case you could not figure it out by now, I found this motion picture to be horrible and one of the worst I have actually seen in a very long time. Do not waste your precious time and energy on this abomination, rather, call an enjoyed one, start a new pastime or look at the ceiling fan and question what your canine discovers so remarkable about that whirling contraption. Anything would be better than watching IO. No requirement to thank me for sustaining this catastrophe so you do not have to, I don’t do it for the distinctions I do it so I can sleep in the evening understanding you are safe from these dreadful films!

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