Netflix manufacturer suing Harvey Weinstein sent NUMEROUS caring e-mails to disgraced magnate|Daily Mail Online

A Netflix manufacturer who claims Harvey Weinstein raped her several times sent the disgraced producer numerous caring e-mails, it’s been revealed.

Alexandra Canosa, who worked as a producer at the Weinstein Company for 10 years, is suing the mogul for sexually assaulting her consistently from 2010 to 2017.

Nevertheless, emails acquired by The New york city Post show that less than two weeks after she says Weinstein required her to carry out oral sex on him in 2011, she sent an e-mail to him composing: ‘Miss you too. Love to you and the ladies’.

And in another 2010 e-mail she writes: ‘I’m believing about you’. This email was sent out just one day after she claims he raped her.

Alexandra Canosa worked as a manufacturer at the Weinstein Business for ten years and for the Netflix show Marco Polo and claims she was raped a minimum of 9 times by Weinstein between 2010 and 2017 and likewise implicates him of sexual assault (visualized together in 2012)

Canosa is among ratings of females who have actually stepped forward accusing Weinstein of sexual assault.But e-mails show that less than 2 weeks after she says Weinstein required her to carry out foreplay on him in 2011 she sent him an email saying she enjoyed him She taking legal action against Weinstein, 67, for unspecified damages.Canosa, who produced the Netflix series Marco Polo, addresses Weinstein as ‘love’ and indications off with’ love, Ally’

in several messages. The e-mails go as far as 2017, when Canosa sent out Weinstein an acknowledgement message after his mother died.

‘ I know how much she implied to you and how deeply loved and appreciated she was and I can only think of how happy she should have

been of all you have actually produced and added to, throughout your life,’ she wrote. A 2013 email shows Canosa composed:’ You have been my coach and friend for several years now and have actually never ever stopped working to provide me the

right recommendations. I am trying to figure out what my next action ought to be for my profession as an entire and I trust your assistance completely.’ The Post reports that Canosa attempted to keep the messages out of the courtroom and after that blasted Weinstein for declining to concur

to her demand.’ Weinstein and his counsel are attempting to manipulate and abuse these emails out of context to taint the Jury pool by developing a false impression that there

was a consensual sexual relationship when there was just a consensual organisation relationship,’ Canosa’s lawyer Jeremy Hellman composed in a letter to the judge last month. Recently, the judge rejected the motion, mentioning that the emails’ are not properly designated as confidential’. Thomas Giuffra, another among Canosa

‘s lawyers, said Sunday:’ The defense has thousands of e-mails in between Miss Canosa and Harvey Weinstein.

They’re choosing to cherry-pick 5 or six of those e-mails to attempt to reveal some kind of consensual relationship in between the two.’ Weinstein has actually rejected all allegations of nonconsensual sex and is due to stand trial in January next year. He deals with life in jail for 2 counts of

predatory sexual assault Weinstein’s legal representative Elior Shiloh said:’ The truth was finally coming out ‘after Canosa ‘desperately tried to conceal her own emails from the general public as they completely weaken her claims.’ Shiloh added:’ The claim is a slap in the face to actual victims of sexual violence’. Canosa declares Weinstein sexually attacked her for the very first time in 2010 at the Tribeca Grand Hotel.The declared abuse continued up until September 2017 and took location in New York, Los Angeles and overseas in Malaysia and Budapest. She states he threatened that she

would lose her task and he ‘d blackball her if she rejected his advances.’ On lots of celebrations, Harvey Weinstein demanded conference with plaintiff in isolated environments for company purposes, made sure that no other individuals or spectators were around when having company conferences with plaintiff, demanded sexual contact, and threatened complainant if she would not provide him what he wanted, and requiring himself on complainant despite repeated demands to stop,’ Canosa’s initial problem said. Weinstein has actually rejected all allegations of nonconsensual sex and is because of stand trial in January next year. He faces life in prison for 2 counts of predatory sexual attack.< div id= "external-source-links "class=" item" data-track-module=" am-external-links ^ external-links" > Find out more: Weinstein accuser sent caring e-mails after supposed sex attack Share or comment on this short article: Netflix manufacturer taking legal action against Harvey Weinstein sent out

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