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has validated that Video game of Thrones Sansa/Cat/Cersei/ Dany-ruining hacks showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have actually just signed a massive nine-figure offer with the streaming service Netflix, where they will develop new shows and motion pictures. Advantage they eliminated all those shows with female showrunners, developers and varied casts for this nonsense!

This is an unique multi-year offer, so sorry WarnerMedia, Amazon, and Disney, however it looks like you won’t get any of the sweet post-Game of Thrones failure genius going your method. Well, Disney will, considering that they still have that super-secret Benioff/Weiss Star Wars project in the pipeline, because I’m sure that is what the Star Wars fandom needs– more twists for twists’ sake. And I state that as someone who likes The Last Jedi.

“We are enjoyed welcome master writers David Benioff and Dan Weiss to Netflix,” said Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos in a declaration. “They are an innovative force and have thrilled audiences worldwide with their legendary storytelling. We can’t wait to see what their creativities will bring to our members.”

Yup, can’t wait to see how they think of having their main character in a conference about a dangerous fleet of ships and after that ignore the fleet in the next scene, causing the death of one of their most powerful creatures. The level of genius it requires to craft something so outrageous and silly is just * chef’s kiss. * Yes, that’s the type of vision we require at Netflix.

Benioff and Weiss issued this declaration: “We have actually had a beautiful run with HBO for more than a years and we’re grateful to everybody there for always making us feel comfortable. Over the previous few months we’ve spent many hours talking to Cindy Holland and Peter Friedlander, in addition to Ted Sarandos and Scott Stuber. We keep in mind the exact same shots from the exact same ’80s movies; we love the same books; we’re delighted about the exact same storytelling possibilities. Netflix has actually constructed something astounding and extraordinary, and we’re honored they invited us to join them.”

Other jobs these 2 have in the works are a prison-break drama entitled Dirty White Boys and their alternate-history drama series, Confederate, which is probably going to be shelved for the foreseeable future.

Yes, I know that Game of Thrones has actually been over for months, however I’m still irritated due to the fact that Benioff and Weiss have actually just been so bad about comprehending why people are upset about the finale. Do they require to accept each and every single hit piece, particularly from nitpicking book fans like me? No, however they ought to respect the fans who have been faithful to them from the beginning. I’m not going to state that Benioff and Weiss have not done some fantastic work in the series, however you can’t take all the praise and none of the criticism.

As for me, I’ll stop being bitter when Stannis gets to be the character he was written as rather of a caricature.

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