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Works for lots of other foreign languages too!

Back when I was studying Japanese in the ancient days of the early 2000s, we had two options to find programs with Japanese subtitles: import them for expensive prices, or try your luck at Chinatown where bootleg DVDs sometimes came with them.

And while the Japanese calls of Seinfeld and Star Trek that I poured my meager profits into were amusing, and the bootleg DVDs that crapped out halfway through were what I deserved, they were both pretty frustrating. I would’ve liked a way to view a bunch of different shows with Japanese subtitles, for a reasonable cost.

Now that dream is a truth, thanks to Language Learning with Netflix.

▼ You can see it in action here for Spanish and English.

Language Knowing with Netflix is a complimentary, easy Chrome extension that instantly works when you log into Netflix. It displays the subtitles of whatever you’re seeing in both your native language and your target language, so that you can see them at the very same time.

This is an extraordinary advantage to language learners. When you’re beginning out finding out a language, often you can’t quite catch what individuals are saying. They’re too fast, or they use words/grammar you’re not familiar with. Being able to see the subtitles and hear the dialogue and see the translation at one time is a dream come true.

We decided to take it for a spin, and here’s what it looked like for us:

▼ Here we’re enjoying the Japanese movie The Naked Director.
We set it to have both Japanese and English subtitles and it worked fantastic!

▼ You can also click any word to get the definition, hear it spoken aloud, and scroll through the previous/upcoming subtitles on the right too.

▼ The extension has a lots of alternatives, consisting of font size, language, and altering the pronunciation guides from romaji to furigana to none at all.

▼ Here we’re enjoying the Japanese-dubbed variation of Marital relationship Story. The dub and sub are somewhat various, however that’s common of most translated programs, and they’re both precise.

There are a lot of options in the extension, and it took a little finagling to get everything the way we desired, however it was absolutely worth it. Among the actually cool options is the function to have the film pause automatically after each line is spoken, so you can make the effort to ensure you heard/understood it properly. Integrated with Netflix’s own 10-second-rewind function, it’s an effective knowing tool, particularly if you make flashcards of what you’re finding out.

Something to remember is that the schedule of dubs/subs varies by program and region. Since we live in Japan, the languages that we have access to are various from those in other countries due to licensing.

most Netflix original shows have a big variety of languages, so you can be safe with a lot of those.

▼ So while we could not get English subtitles for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, other nations might.

If you wish to check out the Language Knowing with Netflix extension for yourself, then get it here from the Chrome Web Store totally free.

And when you’re all set to level up your own Japanese language learning, make certain to have a look at the seven errors that foreigners make when speaking Japanese and how to repair them!

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