Food TV and Movies Coming to Netflix and Hulu This August

August has arrived, which means a new crop of food shows and movies will soon be available for streaming on the major platforms.

On Hulu, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, one of the great restaurant documentaries of its time, arrives Thursday, August 23. The 2011 film introduced gourmands around the world to Jiro Ono, who is widely considered to be the best sushi chef on the planet. His eponymous Tokyo restaurant is small and nondescript, offering 10 counter seats in a basement space of an office building. But, Jiro’s food is consistently rated as three-star quality by the Michelin dining guide. Jiro Dreams of Sushi tells the story of how Jiro came to be and analyzes his relationship with his son, who has been apprenticing and waiting for his turn to run the business for decades.

Over on Netflix, Clerks, the black-and-white Kevin Smith classic about a convenience store employee who is called in to work on his day off — he’s not even supposed to be here — is available as of August 1. The Good Place, NBC’s food-filled afterlife sitcom, will see its second season land on Netflix Tuesday, August 28. And Extract, Mike Judge’s comedy about a flavor factory, was just added to the Hulu library today.

Finally, Netflix calls up Million Pound Menu From BBC Two on Friday, August 10. The new reality series, which premiered across the pond in May, tracks “next-gen restaurateurs” who are competing with pop-up restaurants that must impress diners and “discerning U.K. investors” alike. Fred Sirieix, a veteran maître d’hôtelTV presenter in the United Kingdom, is in as host.

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