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There are few things that blend science and art much better than glassblowing. A difficult combination of the 2, glassblowing sees artists thoroughly heat raw lumps of material to as much as 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit, then spin, twist, and trim them with a variety of tools, preserving that perfect temperature level the whole time, to produce everything from neon indications to towering setup sculptures to tiny, delicate hummingbirds.

So it makes sense that when Netflix was looking to cast a host and judge for the world’s really first glassblowing reality competition, it sought somebody with a science background. The streamer was likewise searching for someone who might provide an outsider’s viewpoint– not a fellow glassblower, who would evaluate the individuals’ works using their own blowing skills and experience, however a neophyte who appreciates glassblowing from a perspective comparable to the audience’s. And it would not harm if the potential host and judge had previous experience with truth TV.

Nick Uhas fits the expense to a T. But without YouTube, Netflix would never ever have found him.

Uhas’ journey to YouTube is a wild one. Born in the Midwest to two high school instructors, he first cultivated a passion for stunt rollerblading, which in turn resulted in an enthusiasm for producing and editing videos of his sickest techniques. Then, in 2013, he found himself in a college class where the mentor assistant took place to be no other than lauded YouTube video and music producer , on their function movie College Musical The Motion Picture, which later on debuted on YouTube through livestream.

Influenced by his experiences with the set, Uhas set out to produce his own content. But he wasn’t out to make films or music like Schneider and Tsui. Rather, as a biologist and chemist, Uhas understood he desired to enter the world of edutainment. He launched his channel with the educational series Nickpedia, addressing topics covering cool science realities, experiments, and exploding(almost)literally everything with gunpowder. Uhas ‘significantly wacky experiments caughtthe eye

of Today show manufacturers, and he was invited to recreate them live on the program. Appearing there was the start of a completely new off-YouTube career for Uhas, who swiftly discovered himself cast on both America’s Got Talent and Big Bro. At the time, it stung that he was cut loose from both series in their second episodes. But now, with Blown Away about to premiere this Friday, he jokes that being the host of a series the only method he can kick it on reality TV, given that he can’t be voted off. When it comes to how that hosting gig came together … While Netflix was browsing, Blown Away’s director stumbled upon his videos. The banner reached out to him, and that, as they say, was that.

Uhas, who has 228,000 subscribers and webs around 500,000 views per month on YouTube , will be seen front and center of the 10-episode series, which follows 10 glassblowing experts competing for a prize bundle

worth$ 60,000. The winner will receive money along with a scholarship to sharpen their abilities at the Corning Museum of Glass in upstate New york city. Ahead of the series’premiere, Uhas took a seat with us to chat about how YouTube cultivated the rest of his profession, how recording with Netflix gave him a new point of view on his YouTube material, and what pursuits he’ll be blowing away next. Tubefilter: So first, tell us a little about you! Where are you from? What did

you perform in the days prior to YouTube? Nick Uhas: I’m initially from Columbus, Ohio, and grew up extremely basic Midwest

way( outdoors a lot ). Both my moms and dads were high school instructors, and anything associating with Hollywood and the entertainment industry felt as far as Mars. Prior to I got into YouTube, I was really a professional stunt rollerblader( like the Disney motion picture Verge)! I actually simply liked everything about rollerblading– the sport, the culture, filming, exploring, whatever– and Ithink this is in fact where I obtained the hunger for being a developer. Skating was extremely similar to making content for YouTube prior to there was YouTube. We would go out and movie ourselves doing techniques at a skate park or a regional hand rails, and after that make these clips into sections, which eventually got made into skate video VHSs or DVDs.(Yes, I stated VHS. )Funny story how I actually entered into YouTube … I took summer season school at Yale University, and my teaching assistant for the program was Kurt Schneider. At the time, he and Sam Tsui

were making music for a webseries called College Musical The Movie, which looked Allison Williams from HBO’s Women. At the end of the summer, Kurt asked me ifI would come back to New Sanctuary the following year to help deal with making the webseries into afeature film. From that point forward, I got involved in the YouTube community through Kurt and Sam. Allison also got me my very first job in digital media working as a van chauffeur for College Humor, which ultimately caused me doing this trick for American Eagle. Tubefilter: Naturally, you’re talking with us because your first Netflix program, Blown Away, is out today! Give us the show’s “elevator pitch.”What can audiences anticipate to see? NU: Blown Away is the FIRST PROGRAM EVER to integrate truth competitors and glassblowing. It’s essentially the sleeker, sexier, and prettier variation of Created in Fire.

People can anticipate to be really impressed with what the candidate make with glass. Hot glass working and glassblowing is a creative medium like no other. It’s honestly one of the most enchanting things to enjoy in the world. I’m gon na say it … You’ll be Blown Away!.?.!! Tubefilter: Though you recently became a professional in glassblowing Jolly Ranchers, you’re not really a glassblower. How did you wind up getting picked to host and judge a glassblowing competitors? NU: When the program began casting for a host, they wanted someone with a DIY/builder/science background. They also wanted someone who recognized

with truth TV, and I can definitely check that box too– I was a participant on season 15 of Huge Bro and season 12 of America’s Got Skill. Perhaps the most ironic part about my stint on reality TELEVISION is that I was cut on the second episode of both programs! So doing this Netflix program was rather the relief understandingit would be difficult to evict the host! The innovative directors likewise desired the host to be able to associate with non-glassblowers and see each production without the hyperacuity to what makes sure challenges challenging(things just a glassblower would understand). Tubefilter: So, you pointed out to us that theshow’s director discovered your YouTube videos andunderstood you fit what they were searching for in a host. How did it all come together? Offer all of us the deets! NU: He did! I started my YouTube channel as a reboot in 2013 making science and educational content. The only program on the channel is called Nickpedia, and we do wild science experiments and presentations. And ever since I cohosted a program on Smosh Pit called Smosh Laboratory, my personal YouTube channel has actually been growing. In 2015, we finally got over the 200K mark( now at 227K). From this growth, I

‘ve been getting a lot of offers to develop in the edutainment world of content on and off the platform of YouTube. Around August last year, after a very we were going to release thisweather condition balloon in Bishop California to evaluate if ice cream would melt en route to external area. When we introduced the balloon, the wind chose it up and sent it over a mountain variety and into DEATH VALLEY! This then caused me and the whole production crew to drive 4.5 hours down and around the mountain variety and into Death Valley to recapture our”payload” (our GoPro electronic cameras and sensing unit recording gadget ). We got to the payload at 2 or 3 a.m. and lastly gotback to LA at 7 a.m., which indicated we had really worked a full 24 hours for this video!!!! I returned and essentially snoozed the day away. At 2 p.m.-ish, I was woken out of a dead sleep by my sweetheart, who informed me I ‘d need to pack my bags due to the fact that I was going to Toronto for 45 days to host Blown Away!.?.!! Tubefilter: Back to our typical concerns for a moment … When did you get your first look for online video profits? Just how much was it for? NU: I believe this was March of 2014, and it was a couple of bucks. Absolutely under$ 10. Tubefilter: Have you had any sponsorships or collaborations with brand names on your channel? How did those come about? NU: Yes, numerous now. The majority of them reach out through my company e-mail( ), and we’ve got a pretty basic way of making branded material. Most of our top quality offers do really well as videos, due to the fact that there is a spending plan behind them. More budget plan translates as more pre-production time for cooler innovative aspects, and more funds for larger and much better experiments. Tubefilter: What was recording

with Netflix like? Simplify for us. The length of time did the series require to movie? Where did you film? What was

the set like? NU: Recording with Netflix was fantastic. I really believed prior to I headed out to the set that things were going to be super different than all of the other shoots I ‘d been on (I was pretty nervous, really ). To my enjoyable surprise, shooting a major truth TELEVISION program is in fact a lot like making YouTube videos. Now, given, the budget and scale is way larger for Netflix, however the core concepts are the very same. I really felt completely typical and comfy on the set of Blown Away, but I entirely 100 %quality that to the years andyears

of making YouTube videos and getting very comfy speaking with video camera. The series took 45 days to movie from beginning to end, and it was all shot in Toronto (technically in Hamilton, which is beyond Toronto). I’ll admit, for somebody who matured in Ohio, operating in Toronto throughout the fall was so impressive. I got to see the seasons alter for once (absolutely not like that in LA), and the town of Hamilton is extremely similar to Williamsburg, New York. Lots of coffeehouse and up-and-coming restaurants. Tubefilter: What was that Semaphore Moment for you– the very first time you understood you were an expert YouTuber? NU: Sept. 25, 2015. I went on NBC’s Today program to do some science experiments I had done on my YouTube channel. I think I only had 30 or 40K subs at the time, however they called me a YouTuber on air, transmitting to millions of individuals live. That endorsement set me up as a professional science developer. I’ve because been on the Today

show nine times, which’s how I wound up on America’s Got Talent. Tubefilter: What made you choose to sign up with YouTube in the very first location? Why did you choose to make science shenanigans the focus of your channel? NU: After my time with Kurt and Sam, I understood this is what I wished to do. I always wanted to be a developer

, however at the time the only real track was TELEVISION hosting. When it comes to science, I graduated college with a bachelor’s in biology and became a published chemist in the field of natural chemistry at The Ohio State University. I’ve constantly liked science, and when I decided to begin a YouTube channel, the perfect fit was to make science content. In the beginning, we made explainer-type material shooting solely out of the YouTube Area LA. Eventually, we got more into science experiments and demonstrations. Since my experience with Blown Away, I’ve actually had the chance to work with the Corning Museum of Glass, which

is like ground zero for all things science and glass. We’ve been producing glass-related material leading up to

the show, and I have to state it’s some of the most intriguing content we’ve produced! Tubefilter: Who else works with you behind the scenes on your channel? Do you have an editor? Any workers? What about a manager or network? NU: My entire team is freelance, but we work so frequently together it feels like personnel. Here are the key roles I practically go to for every single video: Director of photography: Sam Mosco Editor: Griffin Louis Producer: Kathy Sue Analytics: Matt Gielen (Little Beast)Marketing: Jeanann

Grubbs (Hour One Company )The entire team can be found here, in fact. I’m repped as a host through The Gersh Company. I don’t belong to an MCN or any network like that.

Tubefilter: Has your experience with Netflixaltered anything about the method you approach your own material? NU: This may sound insane, but not. Doing the Netflix program has actually simply proven to me that the way we produce our YouTube content is the “ideal way” or is “excellent enough.”Going from the set of a Nickipedia shoot in my garage to the

set of Blown Away felt so natural, so I feel like whatever we’re doing, we need to be doing something right. We’re undoubtedly always available to adapt and change, but I feel

really happy and good about our content due to the fact that we put a lot of hard work into it. I would add, though, that doing the Netflix program has kind of supercharged my eagerness to make more YouTube content. I seem like a
character in The Wizard of Oz,
where now I ‘ve gotten
the true blessings of the Great Oz and now
we can develop easily understanding we have the Netflix badge of approval on our resume. Tubefilter: When did you feel like you ‘d truly discovered your audience on YouTube? Existed one particular video that

simply saw a crazy surge of traffic and subs? How have yougrown your audience? NU: For sure, 100%.

Our first video to strike one million views was

this video, where I throw a foam glider off the Santa Monica Mountains with a GoPro connected to it. After that video, we basically stopped doing all greenscreen videos and absolutely concentrated on DIY/builder-type videos. I seem like this was actually a better and natural suitable for both my personality and just how my interest would like to know, “What will occur if I put X in the huge vat of chemical Y. Let’s discover out!”Tubefilter: What’s next for you and your channel? What are you constructing towards? NU: I have actually been eagerly anticipating the days where I can produce material at a much faster pace. We’re really constructing toward a bigger team and channel. We enjoy what we do, and we just desire to do more of it… Larger experiments, even more locations, and crazier concepts to come!

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