British Film Producers Worry Netflix and Streaming Wars Could Kill UK Indie Film

Netflix revealed earlier this month it would be establishing a new production base at England’s Shepperton Studios, a new power move at a time when Disney, Apple, WarnerMedia, and more are all preparing to introduce their own platforms to complete against Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more. The streaming wars are almost upon us and British film producers are stressed what that indicates for the future of independent movie in the UK. Several producers just recently talked to The Guardian expressing their worries that all of the attention on streamers will leave the UK film market disregarded. Andy Paterson, who co-produced the Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman-starring drama “The Railway Male” and” Girl With a Pearl Earring,”said the amount of content required to fill all of the various streaming platforms indicates there’s never been a better time to be a filmmaker or producer in Britain. Nevertheless, what will become of the UK indie movie industry if everyone deserts it to work for streaming originals?

“There’s going to be a massive war between those platforms over the next 2 years and then, inevitably, a consolidation,” Paterson informed The Guardian. “However, if throughout that time, we lose the independent movie company in this country– which is going to occur unless we make huge options– then in 3 or four years’ time there will simply be a couple of American-dominated platforms that manage all imaginative material.”

Paterson continued, “We’re all making movies and series for the streamers. We’re not for a second stating we don’t enjoy that. It’s a terrible lot simpler to make films for Netflix, where they spend for it, than it is to bring 50 different littles money together to make ‘The Train Male.’ However, without some intervention to make sure that the native movies still get developed and made, you end up having a brand-new set of studios dominating the world.”

Rebecca O’Brien, among Ken Loach’s longtime manufacturers, echoed Paterson’s belief. “I’m rather cynical for the independent sector at the minute,” she stated. “I definitely see a decline. The success of the inward financial investment organisation, which of course the industry is thrilled to have, because it keeps strong employment is absolutely a problem for the independent sector, who can’t pay so well.”

For O’Brien, it’s starting to get hard finding team for indie movies because the streaming giant and the significant studios are keeping everyone hectic for months on end. Once again, the producer states it’s great everyone is working however it’s coming at the expenditure of an entire market.

“People that we work with may be utilized for approximately nine months on a studio production and they need to dedicate to it due to the fact that independent productions are unusual,” O’Brien stated. “So it does begin to drill a hole in our capability to keep the sector going.”

Paterson included the funds that companies like BBC Movies and the British Movie Institute have the ability to provide to indie productions annually are “pitiful numbers compared to the billions that Netflix and others spend.” Head over to The Guardian for extra market response.